Multiverso Comiquero | The World Socialist Web comentando superhéroes, entrevista a Joe Sacco, Lena Dunham y Clowes, ilustraciones de David Bowie e inédito crossover de DC y Marvel

Un poco atrasada pero ya estamos con una nueva versión de Multiverso Comiquero, donde los mejores artículos, entrevistas y random stuff es rescatado para usted:

“Popularity of the genre apparently stems from frustration with the way social life is, from feelings of insecurity and powerlessness and from the desire to see problems in the world boldly (if simplistically) confronted”.

SPURGEON: You seem properly self-critical and self-analytical in terms of your strategies and you ways of doing things. Is that a constant struggle, given all the other pressures, just to get work done, to stay hard on yourself in terms of not falling into routines or bad patterns or using techniques over and over again?
SACCO: I do try to be pretty self-critical. If you’re trying to get away from being edited, you have to be self-critical. You gotta look at your stuff and say, “Can I draw this better?” Or “Just because I invested all this time in writing it this way, maybe I should go back and undo this?” It’s very painful to do it yourself. I prefer it. I prefer to come to those conclusions myself. What helps me is that I’m not entirely a perfectionist. My feeling is you have to sort of keep moving forward. Often I look back and think, “I should have done this differently.” Or “If I had to do it again, I might have asked this question.” You know what I mean? I think all my work, it’s not varnished to that point. And I’m okay with that, generally speaking. My main thing is okay, I need to take a bit more time with this aspect. Or I’ve learned to slow down at this point. Hopefully I’ll just carry those lessons forward.
  • La reciente ganadora del Globo de Oro por Mejor Serie y Mejor Actriz de Comedia, Lena Dunham (quien escribe, dirige, produce y actúa en la serie) eligió los libros más significativos y dentro de ellos está la novela gráfica “Ghost World” de Daniel Clowes. “I love children’s books and graphic novels, especially ones with scrappy girls at the center”.
  • Y para el final una joyita: un crossover inédito entre DC y Marvel de la mano de JOE KUBERT.  La historia fue un encargo de World Color Press en 1977 y explica el proceso de creación de una revista. World Color, que ya no existe, solía imprimir casi todos los comics que se publicaban en los días dorados. Me pareció tan hermoso que, aunque mantengo el link para el crédito, lo presento completo por acá: